Donating Hair to Wigs for Kids

Losing your hair to cancer treatment or another medical condition is something that happens to kids as well as adults.

While many hairless medical patients are seen as adults, there are actually a lot of children suffering this problem as well.

Just like the adults, these kids have a need for wigs and hair pieces to help boost their self-confidence during this troubling time.

Since wigs can be thousands of dollars, Wigs for Kids helps gets the hair pieces to kids who need them and might not be able to afford them.

Like all hair donation charities, Wigs for Kids has strict guidelines that must be met in order for hair to be donated.

If this is the charity where you want to send your donation, here are the guidelines:

  • No colored, dyed, permed or highlighted hair accepted.
  • Minimum hair length of 12 inches.
  • Hair should be cut in a tight braid or ponytail.
  • Hair should be clean and dry when shipped.
  • Hair should be placed in a plastic baggie or tissue paper for shipping,  with a rubber band tight around each end of the braid or ponytail.

When you are ready to ship your donated hair to Wigs for Kids, you do not have to place it in a special box or insure the package. You can get the mailing address from the charity website and send in the donation when you are ready.

If you want to donate hair to St. Jude, then you need to send it to Wigs for Kids. They work with St. Jude to help the kids at St.  Jude’s get wigs when they need them.

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