How To Donate Pillows, Duvets and Other Bedding

Are you replacing some or all of your bedding?

If so, you may have some pillows, a duvet or other bedding that you no longer need.

Instead of throwing out those bedding items, why not donate them to a nonprofit organization?

You can probably find several local charities in your local area that accept bedding donations.

In some instances, you may have difficulty donating pillows and duvets.

This is because some state health departments advise against it for health reasons.

However, you will find some shelters and furniture banks that do accept bedding donations of all types. Even mattresses!

Before donating your duvet, pillows or bedding, it is a good idea to make sure that the items are clean. You don’t want to donate items with large stains because there is a pretty high chance that the items will not be accepted.

Good places to try to donate are Goodwill and the Salvation Army, because they have thrift stores where donated items can be sold. You may have mixed success though.

If so, ask around to find your local shelters and furniture banks. Then, make your donations there. You can also look for a church that is collecting items for families or homeless.

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