How To Donate Used DVD Cases And CD Cases

If you’re like me, you don’t keep your DVDs or CDs in their cases.

Personally, I keep my DVDs and CDs in those binder cases.

That leaves a lot of empty DVD cases and CD cases.

If you have some used DVD cases and CD cases in your home, you may not know what to do with them.

You could recycle them. Or you could donate them.

Think about it – plenty of people still use DVD cases and CD cases.

Struggling musicians and filmmakers could use CD case and DVD case donations.

Your local library could use DVD case and CD case donations for when they need to replace cases.

Does your church have a music or movie library? If so, they would benefit from your donation.

Think about other places that would have CDs or DVDs – you have shelters, nursing homes and long term care facilities, hospitals and community centers.

You can donate used DVD cases and used CD cases to any of these places.

Or if you have a bunch of cases, you can take them to a Goodwill store, where they will be sold on the cheap to someone that can put them to good use.

Once you identify a good place to make your donation, just drop off the cases during donation drop-off hours.

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